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XH318D series rotary screen printing machine

Product Description

XH318D sries rotary scroen pinting machine 1s an upgraded model tormad atter the lacal lechnical improvemant on
the Basie of the xh Beries .ane has the characterislice:
1. New design of the hast frame, with 18 GB channol steel at the botiom the upper part uses the thickened and widened
longitudinal beam and plate,the double- deckad beam structure the whole machine Is more thick and stable;
2 . the main drive adopls parallel shaft reducer and molar direct connection.which replaces the turtine worm
transmission mode of the original model so that the main drive is more stable anc reliable;
3. the independent transmision of the net head adopts the curent advanced Japanese Panasonic servo motor +Taiwan
planetary reducer transmission mode.which makes the printing precsion higher and the maintenance cost lower;
4. separate thrusling conduction band washing structure,using a flat panel knite,easy to adjust and maintain,can
effetlively remove the fabric tiber adhered to ihe conduction band surace;
5. add a set of support rollors to the baginning and end.which can meet the ful color blado printing or magnetic bar
printing of the host Improve the original model and the first two sets of color printing ettect is not good mapractice;
6. the optiomal includes the knife.the magnetic bar is draw together ,the bar magnet citai is made of the whole hard
aviation aluminum alloy,

Product Detail

Printing width: 1620~2850 mm

Printing move: 2 positions

Printing color: 8/10/12/14/16

Pringting repeat: 580mm/640mm/819mm

Pringting speed: 4-100 mm/min

Machine type: left/right hand

Squegee type: blade / magnet

Driving: Individual driving

Registration precision: ±0.1 mm

Registration adjustmen: Vertical: no limit, horizontal: +-10 mm, Diagonal: +-3 mm

Dryer: standard/loosen type dryer

Heat source: steam/themal oil/liquid gas/natural gas

Dryer temperature: 130 ℃