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MA666Auspicious series rotary screen printing machine

Product Description

MA666 the auspiclous sign series rotary screen printing machine is an open magnetic rotary screen printing machine developed by our
company to meet the needs of the market .it has the following characteristics:
1.Open network head structure,convenient and fast loading and unloading round network ,reduce shift waiting
2.The citai structure is strong and durable,it is made of the whole hard air aluminum alloy,the caif arrangement density is large ,the magnetic
bar magnetic force is uniform,the pressure stepless adjustment ,suitable for different grams of fabric;
3.The field bus control system ,the man-machine interface is easy to operate ;
4. The malfunction salt-inspection display tunction,and guide the investigation and rapld disposal;
5.servo motor is independent drive,accurate and reliable automatic register.

Product Detail

Application: application in natural fiber,chemical fiber and its blended woven fabrics and knitted fabric

Fabnc weight: 50g/m - 2 600g/m2

Effective printing picture: 1650mm(180type)1850mm(200type) 2050mm(220type)2250mm(240type) 2450mm(260type)2650mm(280type)2850mm(300type) 3050mm(320type)3250mm(340type)

Printing color: 8C/10C/12C/14C/16C/20C/24C

Printed flower back: 640mm/820mm/914mm/1080mm

Design speed: 4~80M/min

Type of screen head driving: Independent

Accuracy of flowers: ±0.1mm

To adjust the scope of: Vertical:no limit horizontal:±10mm Diagonal:±3mm

Drying way: Four tuyere three layer wear cloth hot air drying

Number of dryer section: User optional 2-7 day tight or loose type dryer

Baking hot source: Steam/hot oil/gas

In the way off: Open-width into off

Machine type: Left/right hand

Compressed air: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Water supply: Water pressure not less than0.3Mpa

Machine construction: The machine by into cloth printing drying off four units